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Like our community, our parks and trails are growing in Hermantown. Our city-wide, long-term plan connects key areas of Hermantown via trails, so that our parks are connected for your use. And we are connected to the great trails and parks that are a part of our neighboring communities.

We have a growing parks and trails system in Hermantown, from Fichtner Field and Stebner Park to the trails that connect both of them. Below are a few maps to help you understand where our parks and trails are located.

Fichtner Field / Community Park:
5255 Maple Grove Road

Fichtner Park will be closed in its entirety for 2024 due to construction. Due to the extensive construction project, the pavilion, baseball fields, playground, etc., will all be unavailable.

Fichtner Field and Park lies in the heart of the City at the intersection of Maple Grove and Ugstad. Besides the baseball fields, the park pavilion at this location can be reserved for family events and group activities. By reserving the pavilion, you can ensure it is available for you when you need it. Call 729-3600 for availability. 

Park Pavilion Reservation Request Form

Fichtner Field is located adjacent to Old City Hall, which houses the Hermantown Historical Society.

The baseball and softball fields have a variety of users throughout the year.

Field 1 used by Hermantown High School Baseball between March and early June. 
Fields 2 & 3 used by Hermantown High School Softball between March and early June. 
Fields 1, 2, 3, & 4 used by Hermantown Little League, American Legion and Junior Legion between the end of May and beginning of August. Additionally, SummerFest activities are held at Fichtner Fields as well each year. The skateboard park, basketball court, and playground – as well as the restroom facilities and emergency phone access – are available during during non-snow-covered times.

Stebner Park:
4860 Maple Grove Road

  • The trailhead for the Boulder Trail section of the Hermantown Connector Trail System.
  • Utilized by the Hermantown Youth Soccer Association. 
  • Portable toilets are available during the practice season. 
  • The restroom facilities are available during the game season. 
  • Playground equipment and emergency phone access are available during the season only. 

Rose Road Fields:
5676 Rose Road

This park was revamped in 2019 with the addition of a third softball field, accessible walks, paved parking, playground and ½ court basketball court.  The park is primarily utilized by Hermantown Summer Softball Association and Hermantown High School Softball.

Portable toilets are available during the practice season with restroom facilities available during the game season

Keene Creek Park:
southern end – Okerstrom Road

Keene Creek Park is an 80+ acre park located in the southeast part of the City. This informal park with its non-programmed field and open space is a gem owing to its size, topographic variation, and presence of a trout stream that runs through the park from north to south.  The southerly section of the creek was recently restored by St. Louis County and MN Trout Unlimited. There is also a small baseball field in Keene Creek Park.

The park is set to contain a ½ mile paved trail segment with future connections to the north and south as part of the overall Munger Trail Spur trail system.  A series of informal walking trails exist throughout the park as well.

Portable toilets are available during the summer season.

The Trails Projects Plan

The Trails Projects Plan represents the future Munger Trail Spur project which was master planned in 2015. The map shows various trail segments associated with the overall trail as well as projected construction year, potential funding source, potential cost and the length of each segment.

Community Development Director
Eric Johnson
[email protected]
(218) 729-3600