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The Hermantown Economic Development Authority (HEDA) continuously works to create the best business-friendly environment that fits the City. HEDA’s mission is to intentionally lead economic growth, creating a vibrant and prosperous community.

Hermantown has worked hard to earn a reputation for being a business-friendly community. From clear communication to streamlining processes, we want your development experience to be the first in many positives of placing your business in Hermantown.

The links above provide information and testimonials, as well as the HEDA minutes and agendas, so you can begin exploring doing business in Hermantown.

The Hermantown Economic Development Authority meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. HEDA members include Mayor Wayne Boucher, City Councilors John Geissler, Gloria Nelson, and Natalie PetersonDwayne Haapanen, City Administrator John Mulder, and City Attorney Steve Overom are also HEDA members. There is currently one opening for a new member of HEDA. Please see the appropriate page on this site for an application to be considered for the HEDA opening.

HEDA Questions?

City Administrator
John Mulder
[email protected]

Community Development Director
Eric Johnson
[email protected]