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Local sales tax applies to retail sales made and taxable services provided within the local taxing area. The tax applies to the same items that are taxed by the Minnesota sales and use tax law.

The City of Hermantown imposes a 1.0% Sales and Use Tax. Currently, the State of Minnesota sales tax is 6.875% and St. Louis County has an additional sales tax of 0.5%. This brings the total sales tax for applicable purchases to 8.375%.

All retailers who are registered to collect Minnesota sales tax and are doing business in an area with a local tax must be registered with the Minnesota Department of Revenue to collect the local tax.  This includes sellers from outside of Hermantown who:

  • Have an office, distribution, sales, sample, or warehouse location, or other place of business in the city limits of Hermantown either directly or by a subsidiary
  • Have a representative, agent, salesperson, canvasser, or solicitor in the city limits of Hermantown, on either a permanent or temporary basis, who operates under the authority of the retailer or its subsidiary for any purpose, such as repairing, selling, installing, or soliciting orders for the retailer’s goods or services or leasing tangible personal property in the city limits of Hermantown
  • Ship or deliver tangible personal property in the city limits of Hermantown
  • Perform taxable services in the city limits of Hermantown.

Local tax of 1.0% applies to sales made or services performed in the city limits of Hermantown only. The addresses in the City of Hermantown have one of 4 zip codes (55810, 55811, 55814, and 55701), as the City does not have its sole, own zip code. To determine the correct sales tax, please use your full nine (9) digit zip code.  Retailers are required to use the nine (9) digits to correctly calculate your sales tax rate.

Review your invoices to ensure that you have not been overcharged.

City of Hermantown
Administrative Office
(218) 729-3600

Minnesota Department of Revenues