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Our goal is to provide clear, consistent, reliable, and timely information and processes to developers, contractors, residents, and businesses to meet their needs regarding development, building, and codes for Hermantown.

Hermantown Building Department

“Partnering with you to keep your hometown safe, one inspection at a time”

What we do: We are responsible for the administration and enforcement of the 2020 Minnesota State Building Code. Our primary goal is to ensure everyone within the community of Hermantown lives and works in safe and compliant structures that meet all of the minimum standards of the Building Code. We have a three-pronged approach to this that is focused on education, permitting, and field inspections.

  • Education: We believe the Building Code works best when it is made accessible to everyone. It is true that the code is a complex technical document, which is why, if you don’t have a prior code background or speak fluent legalese, it can seem quite intimidating.  Rest assured, that is why we are here, think of us as your professional code demystifiers.  We can answer any question and provide you with the resources to succeed. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, send an e-mail, or even schedule a virtual meeting from the comfort of your living room.
  • Permitting: In general, most new construction, repairs, remodels and alterations require a permit. You can visit the FAQs page above for more details. The permitting process has two phases: Application and Plan Review.
    • Application: All of our permit applications can be found right here: Building Applications & Forms. They can be filled out in person or e-mailed to Mary Melde at [email protected]
    • Some simple permits, like residential roofing and siding, can be issued the same day over the counter. Other projects, once submitted, will proceed to Plan Review.
    • Plan Review: Here, plans will go through a comprehensive review where City staff ensures, as best as possible, all work will comply with the code before the hammers start swinging. Often this gets viewed as the least favorite part of the process, a place where plans go to die.  In reality, this process is designed to help save time and money in the field. By catching significant issues before you start, we reduce costly delays and rework in the field.  This is why our staff strongly emphasizes preventative plan review – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” after all.
    • Our benchmark is to have all permits turned around within ten (10) business days of having all the required information.  
  • Field Inspections: Field inspections are the final check. This is where departmental staff conduct site visits to verify projects are constructed in accordance with the approved plans and field verify any additional items. Here, non-compliances will be noted, and detailed corrections will be issued. Our goal is to never leave an inspection without the responsible party having a clear and concise understanding of what exactly is required from them to move the project forward. Inspections can be scheduled by calling Mary Melde at (218) 729-3600, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Building Official
Brandon Holmes
[email protected]
(218) 729-3600

Building permit applications can be emailed to Mary Melde at: [email protected]

To schedule an inspection, contact Mary Melde at (218) 729-3600

Meet the Building Official

Brandon Holmes is the Building Official for the City of Hermantown. Originally a carpenter turned general contractor, Brandon has worked in construction ever since his summers in high school, working with his grandfather. After several falls off a roof and one too many spinal surgeries later, he hung up his tool belt and became a Certified Building Official.

He has served in private and governmental sectors as a commercial and residential building Inspector and plans examiner. He also sits on the AIBO Planning Committee for the University of Minnesota College of Continuing & Professional Studies and is a passionate advocate for quality code education. 

Please feel free to contact him at any time with any code questions.