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One of the most important and meaningful ways you can assist your community is by becoming an election judge. Hermantown has a history of high voter turnout, and it also has a reputation for having committed, caring election judges.

Election Judge Application – 2024

Serving as an Election Judge

Election Judges serve our community in the polling places on Election Day. Their efficient and honest work ensures fair elections. On Election Day, there can be as many as 30,000 election judges temporarily employed at polling places across Minnesota. You too can be an election judge – the City of Hermantown needs people for this exciting and vital work and will pay you for your time and training.

Election Judge Requirements

  • You must be eligible to vote in Minnesota
  • You must be able to read, write and speak English
  • Students 16 and 17 years-old can be election judge trainees
  • You must be able to attend paid training sessions every two years (including student judges)
  • Head judges, health care facility judges, and ballot board judges each require an additional hour of paid training

You cannot be:

  • A candidate for the election in which you are serving
  • A candidate’s spouse, parent, child, brother, or sister
  • Related to another Election Judge in the same precinct, unless working separate shifts

Right to Time Off from Work to Serve

  • Your employer is required to give you time off from work to be an election judge without a reduction in pay
  • To qualify, you must (1) notify your employer in writing as least 20 days in advance of Election Day and (2) attach a copy of your election schedule and pay rate form to your written notice (this is provided by the City Clerk)
  • “Without a reduction in pay” means you will earn at least the same amount you would have had you gone to work on Election Day
  • Your employer can ask you to turn over the amount you received as an election judge during hours you would have normally been scheduled to work OR they can deduct that amount from your normal pay
  • You can also voluntarily take a vacation day to be fully paid by your employer and receive the judge’s salary as extra income
  • An employer cannot force you to take vacation or any other form of paid leave to work as an election judge
  • This memo explains your right to receive time off to serve as an election judge and can be given to your employer

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Administer election procedures in the voting place
  • Certify the precinct election results
  • Distribute ballots
  • Ensure only qualified voters are permitted to vote only once
  • Help protect the rights of the voters on Election Day
  • Help voters requiring assistance
  • Maintain order in the voting place throughout the day
  • Obtain the results after the polls are closed
  • Open and/or close the polls
  • Process absentee ballots
  • Register new voters at the polling site
  • Responsible for all election materials
  • Work at one or several elections during your term


  • You can choose to volunteer or be paid. 2024 wages are $12 an hour for election judges and $13 an hour for head election judges.
  • Student judges are paid $12 an hour
  • Additional assignments include:
    • Ballot Board
    • Health Care Facility Judge

Work Day Schedule

  • There are three shifts available for election judges:  6 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. to close (typically 9:00 p.m. but could be longer) or all day (6:00 a.m. to close)!
  • Head judges work the entire day from 6:00 a.m. to close
  • Student judges may not work past 10:00 p.m.

High School Student Judge Trainees

  • To qualify, you must (1) be 16 or 17 on or before Election Day, (2) be a U.S. citizen in good academic standing at a Minnesota high school (or home-schooled), (3) get permission from your parents, and (4) get permission and your school

Contact Information

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming an Election Judge, please use the appropriate application links below.

Election Judge Application – 2024

Student Election Judge Application – 2024 (update coming)

Looking for information about the Recreation Initiative? Click here to learn more. The Recreation Initiative is slated for the November ballot.

Additional Voting Questions?
(218) 729-3600
[email protected]

Early Voting for 8/13 Election
– Absentee Voting begins June 28, 2024

– Early Voting begins July 26, 2024
– Registration Deadline: July 23, 2024
Gov’t Services Building 
5105 Maple Grove Road
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday, August 10th, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

In 2022 for the General Election, numbers dipped for voter engagement in Hermantown but stayed at a solid comparative level, with 73.6% voting in the mid-term election. Hermantown voted at record levels in the 2020 General Election, with more than 94% of registered voters casting their ballot.

Results – ranging from the City level to regional, state-wide, and national – for how the City of Hermantown voted can be found below.

Election Results

In 2016 – Hermantown experienced 80.9% voter turnout for the General/Presidential Election

In 2018 – Hermantown experienced 81.2% voter turnout for the 2018 State Election

In 2020 – Hermantown experienced a record-setting 94.4% voter turnout for the General/Presidential Election

2022 General Election
2020 General/Presidential Election - 94.4%
2018 State Election - 81.2%
2016 General/Presidential Election - 80.9%


Precinct 1
Gov’t Services Building
5105 Maple Grove Road

Precinct 2
Grace Lutheran Church
5454 Miller Trunk Hwy


Precinct 3
Salem Lutheran Church
4715 Hermantown Road