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The best communities feature neighbors raising their hands to help fellow neighbors, and the Hermantown Volunteer Fire Department is a perfect example. Providing fire protection and basic medical services, the HVFD is an integral part of the Hermantown community and is always looking to grow its volunteer numbers.

In many ways, nothing epitomizes a caring community better than a quality volunteer fire department. Our is blessed with the dedicated and talented Hermantown Volunteer Fire Department (HVFD). The HVFD contracts with the City of Hermantown to provide fire protection and basic medical services for the citizens and businesses of the city. Dozens of dedicated neighbors volunteer their time and energy to help keep Hermantown an amazing place to live, work, and play.

The Hermantown Volunteer Fire Department held its first meeting on July 25, 1951. What formed with just 11 new members is now a critical group of firefighters providing key support to the City of Hermantown.

The first fire hall was a one-stall garage on Hermantown School property, but now three top-notch fire halls strategically placed around our community make it possible for every corner of Hermantown to receive high-quality service in a very short period of time.

In the early years of the department, community members would call the HVFD number and the Hermantown school janitor would answer the phone, gather the pertinent information. The janitor then set off an alarm to alert community members to relinquish their phone lines so calls could be made to the firefighters in order for them to respond to the fire hall. Today, more than two dozen well-trained firefighters are at the ready to help keep Hermantown safe and secure.

Hall #1

5111 Maple Grove Road
Hermantown, MN

Mike Marshall

Deputy Chief
John Lawless

Asst. Chief
Zach Graves

Hall #2

4900 Morris Thomas Road
Hermantown, MN 

Asst. Chief
Joe Tarnowski


Hall #3

4494 Midway Road
Hermantown, MN

Asst. Chief
Patrick Albrecht


(218) 729-3661
[email protected]

Hall 1 is staffed
8 am-5 pm


Join our team

The success of the Hermantown Volunteer Fire Department is dependent on neighbors caring for neighbors. Our firefighters are a diverse group of personalities, all with great training, skills, and a strong desire to make Hermantown a safe and secure community. The HVFD is always looking to add dedicated, community-focused members to its team, as firefighters and more. Learn more about joining our team in the links above.