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From our officers to our clerical staff, we aim to provide high-quality service to everyone in Hermantown. Below is information regarding services provided by our department. If there are any questions, be sure to contact us at either [email protected] or call 218-729-1200.

If there are questions about services offered by the Hermantown Police Department that are not listed below – or any general questions – please contact the HPD at [email protected] or by calling (218) 729-1200.

Records and Reports

Appropriate and legal transparency and privacy are equally balanced by the Hermantown Police Department. Data request forms are available at the Hermantown Police Department during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. You can also print the request form below and return it to the HPD by fax or mail. Certain reports may be e-mailed to the requesting party, provided the requesting party submitted the data request form by e-mail.

The HPD efforts to get requested information to requesting parties in a timely manner. It can, however, take up to 10 business days to process your request. Reports may be restricted as appropriate by the City Attorney and/or HPD clerical staff. Reports under investigation will not be immediately released.

All fees much be paid prior to release. Reports containing 20 pages or less may be released without charge. The reporting fee is $0.25 per page if the request is more than 20 pages. Additional fees for faxed reports include $1.55 for the first page and $0.15 for additional pages locally and $2.60 for the first page and $0.20 for additional pages for long-distance. Photos carry a $4.00 per printed page or $15.00 on CD fee, and DVDs have a $15.00 fee as well.


Fingerprinting services are available at the Hermantown Police Department (5111 Maple Grove Road) most Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9-10:45 a.m. by appointment only. Appointments take approximately 15 minutes and can be made by calling 218-729-1200. Hermantown requires a $30 per person fee for fingerprinting and you receive two cards. You can pay below, but only after you have scheduled a fingerprinting appointment

Gun Permits

Hermantown residents may obtain a PERMIT TO PURCHASE a handgun at the Hermantown Police Department. Applications may be printed and completed prior to coming to the police department.

Permit to Purchase

Applications are also available at the police department. Applicants will be asked to provide a valid driver’s license with a current Hermantown address. A background check will be completed and, upon its approval, the permit will be issued by the Chief of Police and mailed to the permit holder without any fee.

The HPD does not issue permits to carry. These must be obtained from the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office at 2030 Arlington Ave. North in Duluth.

Archery Hunting Permits

Whether applying in-person, through the mail, or by email, archery hunting permits require the following information. We encourage hunters to apply by mail or email whenever possible.

  • Name, date of birth, address, phone number
  • Valid license to hunt with bow and arrow issued by the appropriate authority*
  • Valid state-issued ID or driver’s license*
  • If the applicant will be using a crossbow, the hunter must provide a valid MN DNR disability permit unless the applicant is 60 years of age or older*    
    • (*Clear photocopies will be accepted if applying by mail or email.)

Permits will be granted solely by the discretion of the City. The Chief of Police may deny any permit if he believes that the issuance of such a permit would create a safety hazard. 

Do NOT use a prior year’s application or paperwork for this current year’s hunt. 

Any person obtaining a permit shall have the permit on his/her person while carrying a bow and arrow. The current fee for a resident is $10.00; the fee for a non-resident is $30.00. Youth hunters (under age 14) will receive a free archery permit that will be valid only when the youth is hunting with an adult with a valid permit. If the youth will be hunting without an adult, he or she will be required to get a regular-issue archery permit. 

Hunting with a bow and arrow is permitted during the Minnesota hunting season in the following areas upon securing an archery permit from the Hermantown Police Department:

  • Any portion of the City of Hermantown lying west of LaVaque Road EXCEPT that any lot(s) within subdivisions must have a minimum of five (5) acres.
  • Any parcels of property, including subdivisions, with a common boundary containing five (5) acres or more lying east of the Lavaque Road.

The Hermantown Police Department does not document the properties on which applicants have permission to hunt. Hunters are required to carry a completed City of Hermantown Landowner Permission Form any time they are hunting within the City of Hermantown. The Landowner Permission Form will not be required for those individuals who are hunting on their own property. 

There are certain restrictions on archery hunting in Hermantown. No bow and arrow shall be discharged in the following manner:

  • Within 250 feet of any dwelling or building occupied by humans or animals
  • Within 500 feet of any property owned by ISD 700, Hermantown Schools
  • On any land owned by the City of Duluth
  • Within 100 feet of a publicly maintained City trail or improved public roadway
  • On additional restricted areas as indicated on the 2014 Hermantown Archery Hunt map, including certain City of Hermantown property. 

Additional information regarding restrictions includes the following:

  • No tree or ground stand may be located within 50 feet of any property boundary
  • No hunting of bears with bow and arrow is allowed
  • No carcass or entrails shall remain in open view
  • Hunters attempting to recover wounded deer must inform landowner prior to entering land not authorized in the hunting zone
  • Hunters MUST first harvest an antlerless deer prior to being allowed to harvest an antlered buck. ***The City of Hermantown will have a one-year suspension of the doe requirement for the upcoming archery season. ***

The reporting requirements are as follows:

Any hunter who is successful in taking a deer with a bow and arrow must report it to the police department within 24 hours with the following information:

  • Name, address, phone number, and permit number
  • Hermantown section (1-36) and subdivision (if applicable) on which the deer was taken
  • Date and time the deer was taken
  • Gender of deer and approximate weight of the animal

This may be reported to the Hermantown Police Department by telephone, fax, or email. The Report of Game Taken is available at the bottom of this section. The HPD mailing address is 5111 Maple Grove Road, Hermantown, MN 55811. Additional contact information includes our phone (218-729-1200), fax (218-729-1201), and e-mail ([email protected]).

2023 Application
2023 Landowner Permission
2023 Report of Game Taken
Archery Land Restriction map (.pdf)  

Pet Licenses and Animal Control

Dogs and cats living in Hermantown must be licensed with the Hermantown Police Department. Annual licenses are valid from January 1 to December 31, and must be renewed yearly unless you have a lifetime license. The current fee is $15.00 per animal for an annual license or $50.00 per animal for a lifetime license.

The HPD will issue licenses for no more than three of each kind of pet for the same address unless an Exception License is granted by the City of Hermantown. Contact Eric Johnson, Community Development Director, to explore an exception at 218-729-3600.

Animal Control Ordinance  
Pet License Application

If paying online, please email the application and proof of rabies vaccine for each pet to [email protected]. Your paper pet license and animal’s tag will be mailed to you upon receipt of the necessary information and payment.   

If you’ve lost your pet, call the police department at (218) 729-1200.  Staff will check to see if your pet has already been located; if not, they will take your name and phone number. Once an animal is found, if it is licensed, the police department will attempt to contact the registered owner at the phone number on the license. If the police are unable to contact the owner, the animal will be brought to the Animal Allies shelter located at 4006 Airport Road in Duluth.  You can call them directly at 722-5341 or check the link below to see if your pet is there. 

Burning Permits

The City of Hermantown requires anyone who wishes to burn brush within the city limits to obtain a burning permit any time there is less than three inches of snow on the ground.

Residents have the option of getting burning permits online from the DNR link below or in-person from a local fire warden. Local fire wardens are listed on the right side of this page, and the links for the online options, as well as DNR burning permit information, is below.

We encourage residents to get permits online whenever possible.

No matter where you get your permit, there are four important points to know.

  • You must activate the permit daily by calling 1-866-533-2876.  This applies to the handwritten permits and the internet permits.  Write the activation number on your permit in the space provided.  Failure to activate the permit or failure to write the activation number on your permit can result in a legal violation and a potential fine.
  • The paper permits have a preprinted number 1 at the start of the permit number.  When you activate the permit, this number 1 must be entered on your telephone keypad, followed by the handwritten permit number.
  • Read the restrictions and requirements on your permit.  There have been some changes to the list in the new system and it is important for you to read and understand them.  Contact your local Forester at (218) 878-5646 if you have questions on them.
  • If you are unable to activate the permit using the 1-866-533-2876 number, please contact the Forestry Office at (218) 878-5640.

DNR Burning Permit
DNR Burning Restriction 
DNR Burning Permit Information

Bicycle Registration

All across the country, bikes are lost and stolen every day. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often in Hermantown. If your bike does go missing, the HPD can help through its resident bike registration.

To register, please send the following information to [email protected] or 218-729-1200. We will add your information to the registry and send you a numbered sticker to place on the bike. You only need to register once unless you need to update contact information or bike details. There is no charge to register your bike.  

  • Child’s name
  • Adult/Parent’s name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Bike description and unique markings, including brand
  • Serial Number (if known, often located on bottom of crank shaft or on the fork supporting the handlebars)

In addition, our neighbors at the Duluth Police Department allow Hermantown residents to register their bikes by following the link below. This will greatly improve the odds of getting your bike back if it’s recovered.

Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

The City of Hermantown has a mix of rural and more urban areas, which can be perfect for many uses. The following information covers the necessary regulations to best enjoy using ATVs and snowmobiles in Hermantown.

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATVs) come in two classes in Hermantown. Class 1 ATVs have a total width of 50 inches or less. They are typically designed for a single operator who straddles the machine and uses handlebars to steer. Some Class 1 ATVs are designed for off-road use with a seat belt, roll-over protections, and a steering wheel. Class 2 ATVs have a width greater than 50 inches but not more than 65 inches. Class 2 ATVs typically have a steering wheel and are designed for the operator and a passenger to be seated side by side.

In terms of right-of-way, Class 1 and 2 ATVs may be operated in the extreme right side of permitted city streets and county roads. They may not be operated on the shoulder of a state trunk highway.

Snowmobiles may only operate on the far right side of city streets. For county roadways, snowmobile operators must travel in the outside slope of the ditch wherever possible.

The speed limit for snowmobiles and ATVs in Hermantown is 30 mph. See the below link for a map in Hermantown where travel with snowmobiles and ATVs is allowed.

ATV and Snowmobile Map

As groups and residents plan special events, it is sometimes necessary and appropriate to include the Hermantown Police Department. The application for having the HPD at a special event is found below.


Hermantown Police Department
5111 Maple Grove Road
Hermantown, MN 55811

P: (218) 729-1200
F: (218) 729-1201
[email protected]

Some of the services we provide as a department have a cost associated. Please use the button below should you want to make an online payment.

Burning Permits – Local Fire Wardens

Hermantown Police Department
5111 Maple Grove Road
(218) 729-1200

(Monday – Friday) ONLY
8:00 – 4:30 p.m. 

Don & Lori Gimpel
4387 Midway Road
(218) 349-2380
(218) 349-6413

Tracy Hanson
4650 Midway Road
(218) 591-9560

Northland Alert

The HPD is connected with St. Louis County and multiple other neighboring communities through the implementation of an emergency notification system. Northland Alert allows subscribed persons to receive emergency and other important notices via phone, text, and/or e-mail. Signing up for this valuable subscription is strictly confidential, and subscribers can dictate the information they would like to receive.